Radiation Exposure

Oil companies have saturated our wetlands, waterways, and backyards with radioactive waste.

Radiation Exposure

exposures resulted in cancer and death

The Falcon Law Firm currently represents hundreds of workers who were exposed to ionizing radiation while working in pipeyards. Our attorneys have been battling the world’s largest corporations, oil companies, and employers for over a decade to protect the rights and safety of our clients. Radiation exposure litigation affects more than just the pipeyard workers – it affects workers’ families and our environment.
Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure In the Community

For decades oil companies have saturated our wetlands, waterways, and backyards with radioactive waste. Internal corporate documents and literature have shown that companies knew of the existence of radiation in oil and gas production equipment, as well as produced water, for many years. Despite this knowledge oil companies have continued to pump radioactive water into Louisiana’s ecosystem and dump radioactive waste from production equipment in our pipeyards. Oil companies’ reckless and wanton conduct have caused generations of radiation exposure to Louisiana workers and citizens. These exposures have resulted in many forms of cancer and even death.  Oil companies have had a longstanding policy of putting profits over people, and they must be held accountable.

Experience with Radiation Exposure

Our attorneys have developed significant experience in handling radiation exposure claims and are familiar with the problems that may arise.

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