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From deckhand to attorney. We've done the work and walked the walk.

Real World Experience

Losing a Loved One Created a Law Firm

Tim Falcon’s interest in maritime law started while he was earning his way through college and law school by working on the Mississippi river. He worked with his older brother Kenneth until Ken was killed in an accident aboard a tugboat in the Harvey Canal.

Mr. Falcon served as a deckhand on tugboats starting at 16 years old. He also worked as a dock operator and then a USCG licensed tankerman until graduating from LSU Law School in 1985. After working as an associate and partner for a small firm for about 5 years, he started his own firm on March 9, 1990.


Tim Falcon's years of experience working on the river gave him the practical knowledge necessary to understand the complex issues often presented throughout various maritime cases. He handled a variety of cases for workers injured on offshore platforms, inland tugboats, dock workers, and high sea vessels.

Early on he began representing maritime workers from Honduras, who worked all over the world, during which he developed significant case law that helped them get justice in United States courts and abroad. This included successfully arguing and winning an important maritime case in the United States Supreme Court. Having worked through high school, college, and law school, Mr. Falcon learned that the first rule for success is to work hard and be properly prepared to go to trial when necessary; as this is the only way to get fair compensation for our clients.

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