Toxic Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals may increase your risk of contracting a disease or illness.

Toxic Exposure

A wide range of potential Toxins

Exposure to toxic chemicals may increase your risk of contracting a disease or illness, and these injuries can slowly progress before becoming obvious. Exposures occur when people come into contact with a hazardous toxin or dangerous chemical. In today’s industrialized society the risk of exposure to toxins can occur in a variety of ways, from inhalation to skin contact. People who are at risk of exposure include: construction workers, factory workers, oil-spill clean-up workers, welders, pipe cleaners, and the general public.

Producers of dangerous chemicals or hazardous wastes must take all available safeguards to protect workers and the public from exposure to toxins. Additionally, employers must take steps to protect their employees from exposure to toxic elements. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If manufacturers or employers failed to take all available safeguards, or refused to take the necessary precautions, you may have suffered an exposure and may have a toxic exposure claim.

Toxic Exposure

Toxic Exposure Case Process

The Falcon Law Firm is on the cutting edge of toxic exposure litigation, often referred to as toxic tort law. Our attorneys have worked for over a decade bringing corporations, manufacturers, and employers to justice for knowingly and negligently causing exposures to toxins. Our goal is to obtain a fair and just outcome as quickly as possible, but we will not hesitate to go to trial if such action is necessary. We will not accept anything less than the best result.

Success In the Field

The Falcon Law Firm has secured over $100 million dollars in toxic exposure case settlements and verdicts for Louisiana citizens exposed to toxic substances and chemicals.

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