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For over 25 years, West Bank New Orleans law firm, Falcon Law Firm, has fought to protect the rights of individuals, families, and workers. Tim Falcon began as a sole practitioner in 1985 and has since developed his practice into a comprehensive law firm in Marrero, Louisiana that consists of a team of attorneys and a robust legal staff.
West Bank New Orleans law firm
  • Maritime Law

    Representing clients injured or killed in accidents while working on boats or offshore platforms. Maritime Law

  • Personal Injury

    Protecting the rights of individuals who are harmed by another’s negligence or carelessness. Personal Injury

  • Toxic Torts

    Fighting for those who have been knowingly and negligently exposed to toxic substances. Toxic Torts

Favorable Results for Our Louisiana Clients

The Falcon Law Firm has acquired significant results for our clients in the areas of maritime law, personal injury, and toxic torts. Our West Bank New Orleans law firm is on the cutting edge of litigation in these areas of law. Insurance companies and defense firms fight hard to obtain the best outcome possible for their clients without concern for your best interests. Their goal is to pay nothing, even in deserving claims.

We have developed the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to fight for your rights, protect your interests, and get you the compensation you deserve. We believe it is important to fully investigate the complaints made by our clients and make an honest and early assessment of the potential for recovery. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our attorneys and have your claim evaluated by the Falcon Law Firm.

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