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November 14, 2022
by Jamie Foster

Spanish-Speaking Law Firm

Advantages of a bilingual law firm

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over 41 million people aged five or older who speak Spanish at home, and the United States has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, ahead of Spain. Spanish is also the most learned language other than English, with about six million students.

As the Spanish-speaking population of the United States continues to grow, the legal system is still overwhelmingly English-speaking. That puts the Spanish-speaking community at a severe disadvantage in legal proceedings.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss the advantages of working with a Spanish-speaking law firm when it comes to legal matters involving areas of practice like accidents at work, personal injury, auto, trucking, and motorcycles, and wrongful death. 

Why do I need a Spanish-speaking law firm?

As we discussed in Personal Injury Attorney; When to Call when you are injured in public, the first thing you’ll probably feel is embarrassment or fear. You might try to brush yourself off and leave the scene of the accident to escape scrutiny. However, corporations and insurance companies are the only ones who benefit from this. The intimidating language barrier that already exists for non-native speakers is magnified by that complexity, and can become overwhelming. Tasks as simple as filling out paperwork can become stressful and confusing. English — with its mix of other languages — is difficult enough to master on its own. English legal terminology is much more complicated and confusing, even for native speakers.

Clients and attorneys must communicate clearly

Regardless of the language you speak, everyone can feel intimidated by the American legal system. Clients who could not connect with their attorney typically felt they did not clearly communicate fears, concerns and questions in English. Having a friend or family member acting as a translator has significant drawbacks: Without experience in the legal field, legal terms are extremely difficult to understand, and therefore translate correctly.

However, clients represented by a Spanish-speaking law firm found they could have an open exchange of facts, concerns and strategies. Most misunderstandings could be avoided. And the attorney could easily explain every step of the case, understanding their client’s goals and ideal outcomes.

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Do you need a Spanish-speaking law firm?

We are simply more comfortable with people who speak as we do, who grew up as we did, and who understand our culture. For the rapidly-growing Spanish-speaking community in the greater New Orleans area, having a law firm fluent in Spanish is of vital importance. If you or a family member needs legal representation by a Spanish-speaking law firm, please contact the Falcon Law Firm at (504)341-1234. You may also contact us online or visit us at our office located at 5044 Lapalco Blvd., Marrero, LA.

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